Two Door Cinema Club - Bad Decisions

Collaborative Project - 2016

New Zealand directing duo Thunderlips approached me to join a collaborative group of animators, to work on a music video for Two Door Cinema Club's track 'Bad Decisions'.

The directors were inspired by all that was radical and amazing from the 1980's, especially its sci-fi take on what the future might look like. Each animator was briefed to create a fictional computer game level, each level loosely based on one of the nine circles of Dante's Inferno.

I took to work on creating a 16-bit drag race, set in the ring of Limbo. Taking inspiration from games like Rez, the wireframe renders of the original Transformer's movie, 16-bit racing games from Nintendo, and the golden age old DOS games for the PC.

Check out the Process Journal for more development frames and selects from the animation