Moving Mountains

Collaborative Project - 2015

While freelancing at Studio Moross, I was lucky to help out on the live visuals for Disclosure's 'Caracal' World Tour. My main contribution was on the track 'Moving Mountains' featuring singer Brendan Reilly. The studio had already shot Brendan performing the track using a Kinect, which created a 3D pointcloud that could be used in the animation. With arti direction from Kate Moross and Linus Kraemer, and working in tandem with Joseph May, and Lewis James.

Gig photography kindly taken by Luke Dyson

Live Action Producer - Hazel Falck

Lighting Design - Will Potts in partnership with Okulus James Scott & Louis Oliver

D3 Programming - Icarus Wilson-Wright

Lighting Programmer - Will Potts, James Scott

Tour Manager - Toby Iddison