CAOH is London based motion designer, Christopher Antony Owen Harrison.

I grew up in the suburbs of Bromley, Kent, and have lived in the South East all my life. While studying at Ravensbourne I began working in Soho, as an animator for a company called Fuse (now Architect). It was there I got heavily into motion graphics, and fell in love with the spirit of collaboration in a small family studio of developers, project managers, creatives, and a mischievous office dog.

Once I finished my studies the guys at Fuse lovingly took me on as a designer and animator, and taught me the ways of the world. I stayed there for close to seven years full time.

Since 2016, I've been freelancing full time. Continuing the search for new chances to collaborate and make friends with a lot of awesome people along the way.

Email: mrcaoh@gmail.com